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Mamawatoto Eco School

'Safer than burning' means waste is diverted and beautiful products produced.

Environmental and human health need not be compromised. 'Safer than burning' waste planning via mapping and education.

Vihega County Medical Center

A new low cost communiy health center has been contructed in Vihiga County, Kenya. SCD Hub is helping to plan for an inclusive future proof waste stream management related to the facility's medical waste incineration requirements.

Engineering Projects in Community Service

2020-21 scholastic collaboration with Purdue U has focused on a guide for how community projects can interface with carbon trading. Their advisory document will be published here soon.

New SCD Hub forum

Please refer to our discussion forum to share ideas or source reviews that you feel are useful

Our forum is now active.

The forum can be used for planning, research, user profiles, blogging, and

All Nations Center

ANC Denver assits newly arriving immigrant families by providing a laser printer, modern laptop, software and training support. Cost per system is $225

Garbage Map

To better understand the extent of the solid waste management problem in East Africa, SCD Hub works directly with Reuben Kipchirchir to map open burn areas in and around Machakos County, to create entry points to circular economies via composting, plastic diversion, youth trainings, and upcycled product creation.

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Ecotez project

Development of a carbon trading support model for Mamawatoto Eco Schoool to recongnize leadership in composting, plastic burn abatement, tree planting, cover cropping, and support for young eco-pioneers. Collectable, eco friendly NFTs are available to compensate contributors & help the MMWTT project. beta is live »

Khartoum Solid Waste Planning

SCD Hub participates in a waste management planning group with EPICS program for Khartoum, Sudan. Options and examples of how inclusive waste stream management is possible with lessons learned from community work in Kenya and Colorado, USA

Compostable Waste Planning

Of course, we believe in working on problems of waste management our USA community of Nederland Colorado as well! We are working toward a siting and business mentoring soltion for NedCompost's two Earthtub composters. Diverting organic matter reduces climate effects from methane emissions & makes a healthy sellable soil amendment.

Engaged learning
Community dialogues via Peace Engineering student programs.

"SCD Clinics" support community know-how bridgebuilding partnerships.

Partner project- school girl assistance
Sponsor feminine hygiene products for a group of young girls.

In communities lacking proper sanitation, often young girls often choose to quit attending school when menstration starts.

Assisting improvised & emergent communities
Umati Portal to assist Table Banking groups

Getting clean water, quality food and reliable sanitation.

Understanding context is critical, and the key to successful long term outcomes.

Partner project- Rastronics Biodigester
Ras Tronics- Contact: Dennis Otieno

Donations help Masaii biogas project to develop.

Infrastructure Planning
Logical framework planning

Meeting to plan short, medium, and long term goals can help ensure that funding & infrastructure improvements are the appropriate ones.

Fall 2021 Peace Engineering

“In the instinct to schedule meetings, it appears that we often neglect to give participants a chance to prepare and form their thoughts.” - Anne Quito Fall 2021 Peach Engineering Student Collaboration Project Title: SCD Hub Sustainable Solutions Database Brief Project Description: This project has three areas of effort: 1) Content curation: Students will gather and develop videos and

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Peacewater community project research

In support of planning document preparation, community meeting facilitation, technology education. SCD Hub works to foster long lasting cultural bridges for peacel, and humanitarian relief. The data we share here is part of the public domain and is curated to be the most useful and relevant to the project contexts that we are able to review via social media, academic, professional, and .gov public

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Boiling water option

Boiling water is effective to purify it by killing bacteria, pathogens, and organic impurities but does not remove chemicals like chlorine, fluorine, iron, magnesium, and lead. - Boiling can be used as a pathogen reduction method that should kill all pathogens. Water should be brought to a rolling boil for 1 minute. A

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SCD Hub Organization Staff, Board of Directors, Partners, and Advisors

Board of Directors Advisors to the Board Greg Willson Director, Nederland, Colorado Greg enjoys digging for good projects, metaphors ( as with society ), are layered in this way. Examples of clear context are never the ‘magical solution’. Research outcomes in community. Facilitate partnerships and support the growth of new hands willing to create learning opportunties. Peace Engin

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SCD Hub Organization

Sustainable Community Development Hub is a registered 501c3 not for profit foundation in the USA and the state of Colorado. Our work involves researching factors which contribte to successes and failures of sustainable community development practices. We partner with organizations and individuals who are motivated to take action on climate, urban migration, desertification, ocean health, and defor

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SCD Hub Organizational Mission

To serve as a hub for sustainable community development (SCD) in order to provide trustworthy development & training tools to facilitate project planning, design & execution. Our current work emphasizes the life cycle of water. SCD Hub serves as a library of content (e.g. video, graphics, literature) related to water resources. Our aim in curating content is to clearly assess what approach

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Sustainable Project Driven Library Development

In support of planning document preparation, community meeting facilitation, technology education.

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Standing up for the rights of water

Indigenous water rights align with social response to climate imperative Dakota Access Pipleine and other Water Protectors of North America ‘mini wachoni’ - water is life, in the Lakota language. Native tribes in the US and Canada struggle against pipeline projects with concern for future access to clean water. - Standing Rock, North Dakota - ( historically largest inter-tribal gatheri

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SCD Hub Services

SCD Hub is a not or profit organization supports small community resource projects designed to promote peace and cultural bridge building, eco awareness, and the emergence of new green economy businesses. SCD Hub is in a position to host workshops aimed at accomplishing goals of partner organizations's core missions of developing stronger paths to community self reliance, artistic expression, team

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SCD Hub Membership benefits

SCD Hub is a member supported community service organization To serve the communities SCD Hub already works in better, and to continue to expand support for well informed decision making in everything from personal health to household sustainability projects to community infrastructure projects, we request that our friends, collaborators and partner organizations become SCD Hub members. Thank you

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Get Involved!

##Get Involved! We are a new organization and we invite you to please engage us online in our social media, and at events, to share what kind of technologies you have been interested in, and we can do a clinic on that subject, to help connect the technology to ways it can be used at the practical, local scale. When seeking appropriate technology solutions, simple, repairable, locally sourced and m

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DONATIONS SUPPORT OUR WORK! thank you! SCD Hub is a not for profit organization that supports sustainable community resource projects designed to promote We aim to develop peace and cultural bridge building eco awareness new green economy service providers more inclusive planning processes efficient use of limited resources We are updating our donate page. April 26 2020 You can send a ta

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