DC Microgrid Product Review

Sun, Apr 8, 2018
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Published on Oct 26, 2013
SYSTEM BACKGROUND The SS20 is Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) most commonly supplied off-grid solar DC microgrid baseline smartbox systems and has many applications. It can be used where grid electrification is not available and also to supplement it. It generates enough power to provide adequate lighting, entertainment and also can power a fridge or a freezer (View the brochure). The initial system supplied consists of three interior lights that can be used for eight hours a night, one exterior security light, a 75W panel, a 102AH battery, stainless steel battery box all necessary cable and a solar panel roof- or floor-mount bracket. A DC plug box is supplied that accommodates a 12V radio, a 12V DSTV system and the 12V colour LED television. Although this system is only supplied with a 75W prime crystalline panel it has the potential to have 200W of solar panels connected to it. The standard unit is supplied with a radio. The growth of the system can accommodate a television, Hi-Fi, DSTV, DVD and eventually a fridge or freezer that is supplied by Specialized Solar Systems(SSS) as a ‘top up’ option. The SS20 Smart Box also has the ability to be programmed according to ambient temperature to ensure the correct rate of charge is adhered to. The programmable smart box also has a voltage protection setting ensuring that the usable cycle of the battery is well maintained. The design is tamper proof with seals in the battery box and in the load output of the smart box. The fusing systems design functions not only as a current limiter , but also offers the necessary protection against short circuits. The unit is modular and expandable. It can be adapted according to the consumers needs and has the “top up” potential to accommodate a fridge or freezer. For further info please visit www.specializedsolarsystems.co.za