No dig with Charles Dowding, showing his fourth summer at Homeacres

Sun, Apr 8, 2018
cropped vegetables for market flower crop fruit trees no dig no synthetic chemicals no till nutrient cycling organic methods
#compost heap

Published on Jul 30, 2016

The result of using mulches to transform 34 acre (0.3ha), from weeds and grass to intensively cropped vegetables for market on 14 acre, using organic methods, no synthetic chemicals. Plus I show you the fruit trees, flowers, compost heaps, undercover spaces and dig/no dig trials. Camera and editing by Edward Dowding For a written summary of this approach, see my Diary… with strategies for no dig success, timings of associated sowings, hoeing and mulching, and beautiful photos of this garden. Links to related videos by Charles, No Dig Abundance at 5m50s,v=HATC… Sowing & Planting into surface compost at 6m15s… Midsummer harvests at 6m50s… Clearing & replanting at 7m55s v=PdjtNPKd6ro Harvesting at 10m45s… Propagation undercover at 16m10s… Hotbeds at 16m20s… Second sowings at 15m20s… Salad leaves through winter at 16m40s… Experiments in sowing and growing at 18m15s… Growing courses at Homeacres…