Founding Board

Wed, Jan 10, 2018

Sustainable Community Development Hub

was founded in May of 2017 “to serve as a hub for sustainable community development in order to provide trustworthy development & training tools to facilitate project planning, design & execution”. Our vision statement is still being discussed and ironed out at our monthly meetings. At this time, SCD Hub archive team is working curation of our existing video library, testing methods of creating communication related feedback loops between the communities served by (past or present) sustainable community development projects, project leaders, young people, students, and other groups involved.

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Advisory Board

Reid Barcus - Business strategist, sustainable community advocate, with extensive experience working with young people’s education both formally and informally.

Claudia Mwende Mbinda has worked to develop her own approaches to SCD in the communities of Dandora, Njiru, Matchakos, Athi River, and Matchakos. In 2012 she earned an Eco Jobs training grant from the International Labor Union in Greece to expand the potential of her network to provide much needed eco-jobs trainings and SYIB ( Start Your Own Business) trainings to small groups and vulnerable populations in urban slums surrounding Kenya’s capitol, and the largest dumpsite in Africa, Dandora.

Devon Miller provides insight into the subtle dynamics in communities the natural products industry (from his years of experience there, as well as extensive experience coaching vulnerable youth and developing great people as a Jui Jitsu instructor along with his son Magnus and wife Madison), while working with rural communities in Northern California to diversify their economic base through sustainable community development strategies. Devon brings important knowledge of the ‘soft skills’ that are difficult to teach but will make or break a project.

Kate O’Flaherty is the co- creator of ‘Solutions Voyage’ - a group that educates with hands on access to projects and group experiences at festivals and other events. Kate is a graduate of CU Boulder, and while she was a student helped to lead the UMC’s zero waste systems implementation. Her ability to work within disparate groups and help co-formulate methodologies for organizations is unparalleled.

Samuel Ngoda local technology leader in Naorobi, we are proud to be able to take advice and collaborate with Samuel. Samuel’s website and ios/android/small form factor technical operations assistance, peer programming with Greg, Curtis, Interns. Samuel’s IT business, Medulla Technologies has provided kiosk interfaces for transit credit systems in Kenya, and continues to research and promote zero waste management system opportunities applicabale to cities worldwide. Sustainable and peace promoting employment in Kenya is an important need, and continues to innovate in Kenya and provide training to vulnerable populations. Ngara, Kenya is walking distance from Nairobi’s Central Business District, Kenya.


Curt Saxon has worked as a Graphic Designer, Architectural CAD Drafter, GIS Technician, and Construction Project Manager and 3D Visualization Artist in greater Austin, TX, where he continues to advocate for sustainable urban planning and community development standards as the city grows at a rapid pace. Curt has contributed valuable research support and insights into how SCD Hub develops its services and avenues of involvement in the Austin area.


Project Contacts

Alfred Magode is well known in the Nairobi area for his contributions to Kenyan hip hop. “Alfie” provides much needed mentorship and advice to young artists, and has worked together with Greg to help develop a grassroots solar economy there in the community of Kahawa, Kenya, Close to Nairobi. Alfie’s participation with SCD Hub comes out of his interest in developing more opportunities in Kenya in the personal and family use solar manufacturing, installation, an maintenance sectors. Alfie is also a strong advocate for peace and reconciliation between tribes in Kenya. (1)

Lara Maestro is a longtime sustainable development advocate for Boulder and Gilpin county area of Colorado. She is the creator of the Nederland Seed Lending Library, which is a new org this year, and growing quickly as it helps educate and improve opportunities within the local foodshed.

**Bernard Amadei **is a contact for ongoing water and peace making project where water quality improvements are helping to resolve century old conflicts.

Proposed Executive Board Members

**Suzanne Saxon **is an Austin fused glass artist and small business owner, advocate for a greener Austin, social venture advocate and mentor.

Scott Beaupied has worked in the web automation and security industry for over 10 years and continues to provide important mentoring to SCD’s coding team.

Jennifer Shriver who’se vision and support helped create Ned Compost, with much experience with bicylce advocaty and zero waste, non toxic awareness. we appreciate Jennifer’s support.

Inactive Members

**Mason Rubin, co-founder, ** now working as a a marketing specialist working at the Rockley Family Foundation, and consults with other non-profits in Colorado. Mason brought his unique skillset to SCD Hub, with experience in crowdfunding and in finding the appropriate niche market for SCD Hub’s consulting, networking and education services.