Woman Carries Bucket of Water On Her Head During Paris Marathon

Fri, Dec 29, 2017
Bucket The Marathon Walker water Water for Africa


Siabatou Sanneh of Gambia walked in the Paris Marathon with a bucket of water on her head to raise awareness about the struggles to attain clean drinking water in parts of Africa


Water for Africa’ in conjunction with Ogilvy &Mather, Paris has been awarded 5 CANNES Lions, including two ‘Gold’s’, at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2015. They took home Two GOLD’s, one Silver and two Bronze for their amazing campaign, ‘The Marathon Walker’ with Water for Africa, which saw a woman from Gambia, Saibatou Sanneh symbolically take part in the 42km Paris Marathon with 20kg of water on her head, a distance women walk in Africa every day to fetch water for their families. The full documentary depicting this beautiful story will be released this year. www.themarthonwalker.com