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Sat, Sep 30, 2017
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This project is now at 40kwh of storage with fully configurable BMS from http://www.batrium.com. See it with upgraded safety and planning https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… ▶▶

The process continues building my Powerwall bigger and better Balancing the pack before installing it before I have a little issue with pixies escaping making some magic white smoke. I have to break off all the little plastic clips so it sits on the mount much better. Planning on changing around some of the older busbars to make them work more efficiently. Powerwall is now sitting at 30kWh and been upgraded to 48v 4000w system and still growing. In hindsight I wouldn’t be using any cells under 2100mah



How to capacity test an 18650 cell out of a laptop battery pack does! After many requests, i’ve tried to put this little tutorial as sweet and simple as possible showing how I remove cells from the laptop battery packs to tested cells. It should be noted that I did not include Internal Resistance testing as I don’t do it. My tests with my equipment result in wildly different results that can’t be trusted.


This is follow on from the last video trying to run through the basics, if there is any thing I’ve missed or you’d like to know please ask in the comments I’ll try to release it in the next video Quick run down on building 18650 80P cells from just after processing them and sorting the good 18650’s from the bad to how the cells are soldered together.



Fake 18650 Cells drive me nuts. I consider a fake(d) cell to be any cell that has anything other than the exact capacity on or around it. So all the shit all over eBay that has 4000, 6000, 10,000mah on it doesn’t exist in the real world and it’s said all they are is “our” recycled cells they just rewrap or there are even reports of 18650 cells being full of sand to make them up to the correct weight. Who knows but I hope this really helps someone out there in interwebs land :)


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MH12210 ncr18650B Cells

18650 wall mounts - https://goo.gl/xDUzSV

Batrium BMS - http://www.batrium.com

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