Mordecai Ogada, Director of Conservation Solutions Afrika – The Big Conservation Lie

Tue, Aug 1, 2017
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“What’s the difference between bush meat and game meat? Its usually the skin color of the person consuming it..” - Mordecai Ogada

Presenting on his new book The Big Conservation Lie. Sponsored by CSU SOGES Africa Center and The Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University.

Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Hukka Wario 4 months ago This book, The Big Conservation Lie, by Mbaria and Ogada is a must read for all who respect traditional and indigenous pastoralist peoples living in harmony with nature and with wildlife, and who have a reason to look with distrust and suspicion at the new white self proclaimed apostles of wildlife conservation, who have established rangeland trusts financed by western capital and displacing, peripheralizing and marginalizing pastoral peoples branding then invaders, bandits, poachers and even terrorists in their own ancestral lands. Establishing the so called community conservancies in Northern Kenya, without full involvement, awareness creation and participation of pastoralist and indigenous peoples in this massive land and pastures grab in the name of conservation must be challenged and condemned in our county assemblies. Future generations will hold us accountable for letting this to happen. Present day conservationists are erstwhile hunters and trophy collectors with smoking guns in their hands! New conservancies sideline legally established institutions such as the Kenya Wildlife Service, and come under the umbrella of Trusts, and a further chameleonic colour of NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS…A clever way of evading tax and channel tourists to privately owned conservancies! Haven’t we seen this replayed over and over again in Zimbabwe, where whites held 70% of the best arable land in the name of private farms, ranches and wildlife conservancies? The Kenya 2010 Constitution has legalized dual citizenship and opened a plethora of unending conflict between the new ‘apostles of conservation’ and local pastoralist peoples.