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Thu, Aug 10, 2017
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Watch and learn about how House Kombucha started with a sustainable business model making kombucha locally while being kind to the planet with proprietor Rana Chang.


Kombucha Brooklyn Published on Aug 2, 2013

Kombucha is brewed in open-air vessels covered tightly with fine-weave cloth. Use culinary-grade ceramic, glass or stainless steel to ensure your ‘buch will be the healthiest ‘buch on your block. Here are some of our favorite vessels for fermenting ‘buch. This is the same jar that we supply in all of our 1-gallon Kombucha Home Brew Kits. Makes an excellent replacement, or if you want to expand your brewing capabilities, jump into a second or a third jar Made in the USA specially for KBBK, guaranteed lead-free, and has a shorter, more discrete profile than our glass 1-gallon brew jars. If you’ve got smaller batches under control, and are tired of wrangling many smaller vessels, just give ‘em away and jump to 10 gallons. This will fill 8 of our 32-oz growlers. One easy-to-clean vessel, a step up to the next level - one love for the ‘buch. Discrete and heavy duty, this crock will last a lifetime, and your mother will love her roomy new home. Consider L’Auto Siphon to make bottling a cinch!


okraw Published on Dec 14, 2014 SUBSCRIBE 105K SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE John from http://www.okraw.com/ visits Awaken Tea Raw Kombucha Company to share with you how Kombucha is Made and share the secrets many Kombucha Brewers may not want you to know about. You will also discover some of the many benefits of Kombucha…

In this episode you will learn the complete process of making kombucha from start to finish using a batch method. Which includes brewing the tea, the four ingredients required to make Kombucha. How long the tea needs to culture and Learn what is the Kombucha Mother? You will also learn the differences between a partially brewed kombucha and a fully brewed Kombucha when brewing in batches. You will also discover how flavors are sometimes added to Kombucha and the BEST way to add flavors to Kombucha once it has been brewed.

Finally John will sit down with Cory, the master brewer at Awaken Tea Kombucha who has been brewing Kombucha over a decade to share some insider secrets about Kombucha and the industry.

John will ask Cory the following questions: 27:40 What is Kombucha ? 28:10 Is there Sugar and Caffeine in Kombucha? 28:59 Do you need to add sugar to make Kombucha? 29:56 Is Kombucha Mother a Bacteria or Fungus? 31:09 Why did you start to drink Kombucha? 32:25 Why did you start a Kombucha Brewery? 33:30 What are some of the health benefits of Kombucha? 35:11 Will drinking Kombucha promote more Candida? 37:17 Are all Kombuchas created equal? 38:55 Are all Kombuchas Raw and or Live? 40:42 Should Kombucha be viewed as a Beverage or a Supplement? 42:56 Is Kombucha naturally carbonated? 46:17 Is it important to use organic ingredients to make Kombucha? 47:40 Is it important for a Kombucha Company be sustainable? 49:14 Is the Batch or Continuous Brewing a better way to brew Kombucha? 52:17 Why does some bottles of Kombucha in the same flavor taste different? 53:29 Is the amount of Sugar in Kombucha always the same in every bottle? 55:55 What should you look for when buying a Kombucha? 58:07 Is it easy or hard to make Kombucha at home? 1:00:42 Any tips for Kombucha or non-Kombucha drinkers? 1:02:25 How can you get ahold of Awaken Tea Kombucha?

Learn more about Awaken Tea Kombucha at: http://www.awakentea.com/ https://www.facebook.com/awakentea