Curate for an SCD Clinic

Thu, Jul 27, 2017
scd clinic Sustainablity Clinic
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SCD Clinics are to help with community awareness and project stakeolder education challenges commonly encountered in sustainable community development work.

Our first clinic happened in Boulder, CO, at Flatiron Coffee

An active SCD Design clinic assisting Ned Compost in Nederland, CO, is focused on developing a collaborative sculptural design for housing (hiding/protecting) you can read our project document here.


Curating for an SCD Clinic

The foundation of a sustainable project is good understanding of context - cultural, environmental, political, etc. SCD Clinics goal is to help develop historical context for projects.

You can get started in creating a SCD Hub clinic with the support of this network by posting a comment below on this page.

We have prepared a checklist to help you to evaluate your community project’s context, wich we will send to you along with being avaiable through the SCDHub Clinic process for one on one support.

Thank you.