Tiny Homes and Roller Pods Gain Momentum

Wed, Jun 28, 2017
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Gary Pickering designs rolling pods for homeless people. Easy and relatively inexpensive to build, Gary’s pictures here show several of his pod prototypes. You can customize yours to your own liking. Build a rolling pod to be your very own – for you and the things you own. You can do it!



JoppaOutreach Published on Apr 27, 2016 SUBSCRIBE 396 We can end homelessness with supportive Tiny Home Villages! Tiny Home Villages are operating successfully across the nation. Joppa went to Madison, WI to see one example…captured in this video. Help homeless people get off the streets! Donate and learn more at https://www.joppa.org

ABOUT US: Joppa helps homeless people survive, get housing and thrive. Our mission is to create a community of unconditional love, support and hope for the homeless as we work together to end homelessness.

Joppa is a volunteer-driven, faith-based, interdenominational, nonprofit organization in Des Moines, Iowa. 95% of every donation goes directly to programs services to help Joppa achieve its mission.

Each week, Joppa volunteers visit 100 - 200 people living under bridges, in tents, shacks and vehicles in Polk County.

Joppa fills gaps in community services and meets unmet needs, such as homeless nutrition, street nursing, job training, transportation and survival programs like winter heat and boots.

Joppa carries out its mission entirely on private donations from individuals, families, churches, and other organizations. As of March 2016, Joppa has helped nearly 250 individuals and families get off the streets with volunteer help and private donations.

More than 92% of these men, women and children remain in housing. Praise God!

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