Qualifying a Project Consultant

Fri, Jun 2, 2017
Social Enterprise Sustainable Economics
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I recently spoke with the woman responsible for the years of successful operations at Ares Thrift Store in Boulder. I asked her what the concept of ‘Sustainable Community Development’ meant to her; if she had anything to suggest anything for the SCD Hub video library. She explained that one of the biggest challenges was to vet the abilities of people who she had hired in the past for web design, graphic, print media design, various other tech duties. She cited cash and business hour losses, and suggested that if we wanted to pursue ‘Sustainable Community Development’, we must develop a culture where people were more willing to be honest about their experience in said expertise.

SEO - corroborate a proposed plan and approach with google


six critical skills:  Technical Competence  Strong project management skills  Excellent thinking skills  Excellent ability to communicate with stakeholders  Flexibility  An orientation towards collaboration

Things to raise concern:

  • Charges supposedly from the social media website itself
  • If consultant promises of big sales and big professional successes
  • Guarantees of friends, followers, and fans
  • Claims that you need to be on every social media site
  • Demands that you engage in advertising, press releases, etc
  • unwillingness to listen to your goals and plans


Collaborative evaluators understand that no matter how good a job they do collecting data, you know your program better than they do.

Developing Objectives

A good consultant’s proposal typically will identify:

 existing problems are (define both symptoms and causes)  your expectations; needs of the group  actions to be accomplished before job’s completion  his/her applicable experience and skills  board and staff members that will be primary contacts and for what purpose  time frame of work to be performed