Tue, Apr 4, 2017
About Information Technology
#boulder #Bernard Amadei

This project started out as a collection of videos contributed by students of Bernard Amadei’s graduate engineering class at CU Boulder, Colorado USA. The video and document content herein has been collected for its relevance in supporting the maintenance and decision making process common to sustainable community development projects.

We are now working to provide a service based on the video library which was created over a course of 7 years or so. Please join us in taking a good look at our archive, we are just beginning now to refine and sort the videos we have into a better body of knowledge or ‘Corpus’, which can be used to better serve the needs of various sustainable community development projects worldwide.

The work of SCDHub involves ‘classifying’ the natural language used in the videos by closed captioned query. We are working to use this contextual information to help improve our library, and to extract useful information from the videos so that it can be delivered to our users via different mediums, such as SMS, scheduled email courses, and via chatbot service. If you are interested in the code we are using, most of it can be found linked from