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Wed, Apr 5, 2017

SCD Hub digital infrastructure; workflow, design standards, code sharing policy, privacy policy, member agreement our SHIASAS model

Sustainable Community Development Solutions Hub is a project of Approvideo LLC. This site provides a collection of short videos illustrating a wide range of sustainable and appropriate solutions for community development worldwide. You will find innovative ideas, tools, cutting edge programs, case studies, and initiatives in the areas of education, health, energy, water, sanitation, etc. <! William Shatner shows us the wonder computer of the 1980’s , the Commodore VIC-20 released in 1981. >

Disclaimer: Sustainable Community Development Solutions Hub (SCDHub),,,, Approvideo LLC, SCDHub’s subject matter experts, and partner organizations or business ventures are not responsible for the completeness and the accuracy of the information presented on the videos posted on this web site. Further, they do not certify or warrant the credentials, competency, and skill level of those who created the videos.

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