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Tue, Apr 25, 2017

The Sustainable Development Hub is dedicated to improving access primarily to succinct videos that clearly illustrate standard and emergent best practices in the various aspects of improving and ensuring access to high quality drinking water ands impreovement asn wastewater management. We are always interested in stories about the challenges and solutions people face in their own communities. Our goal is to provide better access to useful training materials. We seek out videos that are short and concise for teaching best practices.

Video Library Topics

We are currently working to complete Water and Wastewater sections as a complete body of information and training knowledge, then the plan is to focus on Energy, then Food.

If you would like to contribute a video or resource, please use the following form:


**Case studies are great ways to learn from existing projects, ** is useful to sustainable community development workers anywhere in the world as a collection of useful training videos. The long term viability of projects is related to ‘Soft skills’ literacy. The most important outcome from ‘soft skills’ literacy is increased participation among members of communities served by projects. Mentoring young eaders provides more context such that important community issues and context is not overlooked.