Be a Mentor

Tue, Apr 25, 2017

The value of one to one training cannot be overstated. Please describe the area of mentoring that you feel you would be most valuable to a young learner. Please update here on scdhub so that it reflects your skillset so that potential learners can connect with you directly.

The SCD Hub is here as a network of people and organizations working collectively to provide structure and support for technical mentoring relationships. We are working to provide organizing materials in the form of notification protocols, task management apps, calculation bots to assist. You can find out more about SCD Hub’s open source software collection at

“To aspire to make all people feel comfortable in conversation… to be comfortable in the company of kings and paupers. It is in our DNA, its our job to serve humanity.” - Francis Barton, Calvert Texas b.1922

here is a good example of a mentor-mentee program which can be used as reference: