Sunlabob Renewable Energies, Laos, solar PV rural villages - Ashden Award winner

Wed, Jan 29, 2014
Rural Solar Social Enterpreneurship

Uploaded on Feb 26, 2008 This video can be downloaded here: Sunlabob won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2007.

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Sunlabob Renewable Energies Ltd is a solar PV business based in the capital of Laos that has succeeded in developing an innovative and commercially viable business model providing high-quality solar PV systems to the rural poor at a price they can afford. High up-front costs often prevent people from opting for solar energy. Sunlabob has addressed this by providing a service which rents out solar PV at prices that start lower than the cost of kerosene. This commercial approach works because Sunlabob uses high-quality components to ensure reliability and places a strong emphasis on customer support and training local entrepreneurs to maintain the systems. To date 1,870 solar systems, including 20 larger ones for community use, and 500 solar lanterns are rented to families in 73 villages providing electricity for lighting, entertainment and other uses such as refrigeration for vaccines. The potential for growth is huge; Sunlabob is already installing systems at a rate of 500 a year, and new investment this year will allow it to scale up to 2,500 systems, and 5,000 after that.