Playpumps-bring joy and access to clean drinking water

Wed, Jan 29, 2014
playpumps Water water filtration

Top comments Global Unity Dream - 1 month ago Sadly, it did not workout as beautiful as the idea had intended it to be

MrMeatsim - 1 month ago

Phillip Remaker - 2 years ago Unfortunately, the system was ultimately a failure in a lot of locations.

Uploaded on Aug 3, 2010 The PlayPump water system is a children’s merry-go-round attached to a water pump, a raised storage tank, an easy-to-use faucet, and four billboards surrounding the tank. The life-changing invention can provide easy access to clean drinking water, lead to improvements in health, education, gender equality, and economic development, and bring joy to children. The PlayPump water system provides an environmentally-friendly and sustainable supply of clean drinking water with ten years of guaranteed maintenance.

Help us bring joy and access to clean drinking water to children and families in Africa. Together, we can make a difference.

PlayPumps International’s mission is help improve the lives of children and their families by providing easy access to clean drinking water, enhancing public health, and offering play equipment to millions across Africa Category Nonprofits & Activism License Standard YouTube License