Discussing insluation on off grid construction and smallcabins

Wed, Jan 29, 2014
insulation off grid construction Projects small cabin
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Published on Nov 9, 2013 Discussing and showing insulation options for remote and off grid construction projects, which will usually involve small cabins and alternative construction methods. Insulation choices need to take these factors into consideration: The construction project may be located in an area without utilities The place may go for long periods without being temperature controlled The place may suffer environmental damage that goes unnoticed for a long period of time The work crew may not be able to clean clothes and or shower regularly and may be camping on site rather than going home to full utilities at the end of the work day. The resident of the structure may or may not have access to on-call handyman services for repairs, and the place is being built with the expecation of an economic or grid faliure which will mean repairs without the availability of conventional construction materials. The place may not be built all at once, and may be built in different phases over a long period of time by part time construction personnel.