Deng Ltd, Ghana, Solar electricity for rural communities - Ashden Award winner

Wed, Jan 29, 2014
Ashden Award Ghana Rural Solar Solar solar technician training Sustainable Development

Deng Ltd, an established engineering company in Accra, has developed a viable and sustainable business model for the provision of solar-home-systems to rural areas where access to grid electricity is limited. Deng has done this by venturing out of the capital and setting up a network of dealers to service the more remote areas. Deng has also set up a training centre for solar technicians in order to further expand the business and ensure the future sustainability of the scheme. The training centre, which has already trained 120 people from various sectors, is in itself a significant driver for growth of the solar PV market in Ghana. Whilst Deng does sell and install PV-powered grid backup systems around Accra, the mission and focus of Deng is in providing solar electricity to rural areas that do not have grid access. Since 1998 Deng has supplied 1,000 fixed systems and 6,000 solar lanterns to communities across Ghana. Category Nonprofits & Activism