Biomimetic Design + Build Studio

Wed, Jan 29, 2014
biomimicry plant physiology

Published on May 5, 2013 This is an independent studio conducted under the direction of Kris Nelson and James Leach at Iowa State University. Four fifth-year architecture undergrads combined efforts to create a passively responsive prototype that was built at full scale to test the application of a biomimetic function.

In the case of this studio the students were looking and the cellular level of plant leaves, where a stoma is an aperture used to control the movement of gases to and from the leaf. The thought was to enlarge this system and test it with a prototype. Through parametric modeling in Rhino and grasshopper a form was developed. Then in a form of design + build the prototype was constructed.

The following people deserve thanks for helping to make this semester possible.Without their help this would have not been possible. Thank you.

Thanks: Pete Brue Wille Construction Reiman Gardens John Nieuwenhuis

Special Thanks: Kris Nelson James Leach

Biomimetic Design + Build Spring 2013 Students: Dan Eddie Tom Choi Jake Groth Dan Siroky Category Education License Standard YouTube License