Colorado Eco Ops Activitives

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Region: Rocky Mountain Region Projects


Goal is to use https://ecoops-supa-magic.vercel.appopen in new window

to increase upcycling capacity across various sectors in Colorado

ecosystem health awareness

protect against nuclear contamination of water, air, and soil

nuclear awareness.

prevent pfoa forever chemicals from concentrating worse

toxic waste abatement

evolving story of wolf re-introduction into colorado

upstream producer responsibility..

Does it mean, reduce plastics and use of plastics? more? writing letters? a retooling of factories? changes in how we supply one another are possible within biodynamic/organic natural production & health standards. the average consumer, does this mean more access to bulk, new forms of commerce? really.? or just same same..?

recycling, upcycling, food solutions, relocalizing, forest health, wildlife conservation, river



Eco Ops is just testing its usefulness at Lifespan Local, Denver, as a way to support volunteer management of the (2) earthtubs at their food redistribution hub.

Mamawatot Africa Webmaster Cert Class - conducted on whats app, it is a mentoring and teaching group for young adults worldwide (ideally) from communities where eco clubs, and the Eco Ops app as a teaching tool upcycle mapping and ICT for young tech learners.

'Upcycle mapping' refers to a process of working with community members to inventory assets and think about how they could be connected together more efficiently, what steps may be required to connect those places. Strategy is important for groups as well as individuals. One goal of the Eco Ops project is to track the price of materials in different regions, and seek to verify all information well.

'use it and learn to adjust it' type of hands on open source tool easily self managed on free infrastructure. By providing this level of empowerment to communities, we feel that SCD Hub provides an important service.

Konza Plains Academy

Collaborate with other players to address environmental issues in Colorado's mountain tech and outdoors community. Throughout the quest, players will engage in various activities designed to promote ecological balance and a sustainable lifestyle.

Eco Ops:

Recycling and Upcycling:

Create and promote a recycling and upcycling campaign. Encourage community members to participate by repurposing waste materials into functional items, art, or even new products.

Sustainable Food Solutions:

Educate community about sustainable food practices like supporting local farms, organic agriculture, and reducing food waste. Collaborate with local organizations to promote food distribution to those in need.

Relocalizing and Community Building:

Develop and implement strategies to strengthen the local economy and community resilience. Promote local businesses, support local artisans, and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

Forest Health and Wildlife Conservation:

Work with local organizations and conservationists to protect and restore Colorado's forests, focusing on preserving habitats for endangered species like wolves. Organize tree planting activities and invasive species removal events.

River Preservation:

Collaborate with local water management organizations to protect and preserve Colorado's rivers. Monitor water quality, initiate river cleanup campaigns, and educate the community about responsible water use.

Toxic Waste Abatement:

Identify and address sources of pollution in the community. Work with local businesses and government agencies to develop solutions for mitigating toxic waste and preventing future contamination.

Nuclear Awareness and Education:

Promote awareness of nuclear safety and the potential risks associated with nuclear energy. Organize educational events, develop informative resources, and advocate for responsible nuclear policies.

Quest Rewards:

Upon successful completion of the quest, players will receive exclusive NFTs representing their contribution to the Colorado mountain tech and outdoors community. These NFTs serve as badges of honor, showcasing the player's dedication to ecological stewardship and their positive impact on the environment.