Drinking Water Storage Cistern

Greg WillsonLess than 1 minute

Case Study 1: Failure of Drinking Water Storage Cistern

Location: Miami, Florida

Date: 2020

Description: A large drinking water storage cistern in Miami failed due to lack of maintenance and proper inspection. The cistern had not been cleaned or inspected for over 10 years and had developed cracks and leaks. The contaminated water entered the surrounding groundwater and caused health issues for nearby residents.

Case Study 2: Proper Maintenance of Drinking Water Storage Cistern

Location: Seattle, Washington

Date: 2022

Description: A drinking water storage cistern in Seattle was properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis. The cistern was cleaned every year and inspected for cracks and leaks every 3 years. As a result, the cistern remained in good condition and provided clean and safe drinking water to the residents.

Lessons Learned:

Regular maintenance and inspection are crucial in preventing failure of drinking water storage cisterns.

Neglecting maintenance and inspection can result in contamination of groundwater and harm to human health.