SCD Hub Organization

Sun, Jul 21, 2019

Sustainable Community Development Hub is a registered 501c3 not for profit foundation in the USA and the state of Colorado. Our work involves researching factors which contribte to successes and failures of sustainable community development practices. We partner with organizations and individuals who are motivated to take action on climate, urban migration, desertification, ocean health, and deforestation by facilitating free SCD Hub Clinics. Our online video library currently is focused of drinking and wastewater resource strategies, and we are adding to food security, renewable energy, zero waste, watershed planning, and human health subjects.

2021 March

SCD Hub’s current efforts are in directed at technical mentorship relasionship with UNM Peace engineering, and developing an effective solutions database system to serve global sanitation, solid waste, drinking water, and wastewater systems reference. This fits perfectly with SCD Hub’s organizational goals.

TT Clinic

The following links are useful for SCD Hub’s tech clinic.
[0],[1], [2],[3].