SCD Hub Membership benefits

Mon, Jan 1, 0001

SCD Hub is a member supported community service organization

To serve the communities SCD Hub already works in better, and to continue to expand support for well informed decision making in everything from personal health to household sustainability projects to community infrastructure projects, we request that our friends, collaborators and partner organizations become SCD Hub members. Thank you for considering this option. <3

SCD Hub is a not for profit organization that supports sustainable community resource projects designed to promote

peace and cultural bridge building

eco awareness

new green economy service providers

more inclusive planning processes

efficient use of limited resources


Our work takes aim at poverty by empowering communities to manage their natural resources so that long term local benefit can be felt. Our resource library is designed to support independent training related to community self reliance by providing an extensive collection of , artistic expression, team building,

Some of our workshop locations are specifically located within or near natural areas. We aim to make the features, needs, and opportunties of these natural areas an emphasis for our work. We would like to support the development of a form of docent training for natural systems connecting native plants with ‘pollinator islands’ as described here.

More appreciation of nature and biomimetic lessons nature provides us new opportinties to work together in modern times while helping to reinforce ducationally the notion that good design has always been influenced by biomimetic principles.

As SCD Hub grows, we aim to provide the service of dynamically serving educational content customized to the needs of our partner organizations' website/app network users, community members, project stakeholders, extended networks, business contacts, grammar, middle, & high school, and professional certification aspirants.