Fall 2021 Peace Engineering

Fri, Jul 23, 2021

“In the instinct to schedule meetings, it appears that we often neglect to give participants a chance to prepare and form their thoughts.” - Anne Quito

Fall 2021 Peach Engineering Student Collaboration

Project Title: SCD Hub Sustainable Solutions Database

Brief Project Description:

This project has three areas of effort: 1) Content curation: Students will gather and develop videos and
documents showcasing current economic, engineering and social problems and provide examples of current
working sustainable solutions for the ongoing implementation and maintenance of these systems,
highlighting what is working, what is not, and gaps in sustainability for the long term. Focus areas include:
circular economies, free and open source software, land and shelter, water, telecom, energy, climate, peace
and peacemaking. 2) Iterative feature design and functionality improvement for web applications: A
sub-team will learn mastery of static website publishing via markdown text format and Hugo build engine,
use of Netlify deployment and git versioning services for publishing, amp.dev and vuejs for UI, Strapi.io and
node-express server platforms for weighted user ratings, forum, and research content staging. 3) Liason for
community partners: This role is to advocate for the needs expressed to students by community partners to
the team, and to research the cultural and historical aspects of the groups involved and affected by
sustainable community development initiatives.

Please briefly describe the level of support (technical guidance, materials, computing, etc.) the students
will receive: We will interface students with community leaders and the SCD Hub sustainable solutions
research team via regular Zoom and WhatsApp meetings. The Technical Mentor will be available for short
meetings at any time to screen share while coding and to peer program via Zoom and Google Chat with
students and other project participants to help remove obstacles to success and agility.
Please list the major deliverables you expect to receive from this:
Overall this project will help students gain a better sense of how Sustainable Community Development
education & techniques can be made relevant to a greater number of people and community efforts in areas
of operations planning, cost reduction, the sharing of finite resources, establishment of regenerative
economies and targeting of outcome and output goals. Specifically, students will deliver an improved
website with additional current content with emphasis on the quality, accuracy of information, and
‘stickyness’ quality of engagement on the site. Secondly, students will develop an advocacy portal
supporting sharing of time and resources for community projects.


(1) researching and publishing of useful and contextually relevant SCDhub ( video and document review) solutions library in WET topic areas.

(2) development of logical framework support model with variation options for helping to plan project short medium and long term outcomes with vulnerable communities in SCD infrastructure development. In conjunction with Tamara Brennan of sextosol.org , Oaxaca Mexico, and Claudia Mbinda Mwende, Machakos, Kenya

(3) working closely with table banking self help group partner ‘Mamawatoto self help group’ Kenyans to help improve the software. Local Contact Claudia Mbinda Mwende

(4) working closely with ‘Art at Heart’ group to produce a comedic & educational film series on Peace Engineering topics starting with water comparing issues here in the states with issues in Kenya ( current focus is Njiru sewer pipe replacement, related work being done by locals, and issues of cross-contamination as pipe is worked on) - local creative and research contacts, Kiama Muu, Mwengi Muu, and Bonface Murithi Mbaabu.

(5) working closely with ‘Dennis Otieno (Otis Electra email)’ of ‘RasTronics’ and ‘Mamawatoto group’ in Njiru to provide a spoke and hub planning model for Biogas digester infrastructure in and around Njiru and Kibera regions of Nairobi. As well as working with a Masaii cow herder to establish a central processing location for biodigester waste.

IT Clinic

The following links are useful for SCD Hub’s tech clinic.

[0],[1], [2], Umati Portal