Solar DC Microgrid Discussion and Workshop

Sun, Sep 23, 2018

This workshop was done in cooperation with Solutions Voyage and was conducted with the help of Kate O’Flaherty, Sam, and Alexandra.


We approached the workshop with some basic and not-so-basic materials. Greg had flexible solar sheets ordered off of ebay in a set of 300 in 2016. They seem to be ‘spray on’ type solar, but very little information was provided by the manufacturer: just that they worked, were tabbed and flexible metal backing.

Designing to Scale with DC Microgrids

Simple zones for separate uses makes sense for today’s phone user. A grid independant place to charge your phone is one example of a micrgrid. Automobile power runs from the battery on DC, a small solar electric system is designed similarly.

Electrical theory

Ohms law says v = ir

voltage is equal to current ( i ) times resistance ( r )

i current is in Amps

r resistance is in Ohms

v voltage is in volts..

and that our solar cells have a voltage of about 1.87v across them when producing between 1.0 and 4.3 amps

so. We went about tearing apart an old LED light. We got the solar panel to light it up.. after some exeperimenting and hands on learning with stripping wires. wiring up a light, ensuring that the tabs from the solar cell were connecting well.

conclusions and advice for solar builders

experiments with sliced up metal sheet pv cell, seemed to work :)