SCD Hub Organizational Mission

Mon, Apr 24, 2017

Board of Directors

Greg Willson

Director, Researcher, Co-Founder

SCD Clinic Facilitator, Content Editor, Web & App Service

Greg enjoys working on a 100 year old cabin in the Rocky Mountains, collaborating with Boulder, Denver, and Nairobi region organizations with zero waste systems, local food systems, sustainable design planning and open source technologies. “SCD Hub is for removing barriers to society’s most needed social and civic innovations.” -g

<! Bernard Amadei >

Bernard Amadei

Long Term Planning, Co-Founder

Bernard has a special ability to see bridge building potential in places where many do not. His work creates lasting friendships that span social hierarchies, war region boundaries, and cultures by creating opportunties for experienced professionals to direct their problem solving skills toward the most basic of human needs in collaboration with their neighbors.

Curt Saxton

Researcher, Ecocity Austin

Curt is involved with sustainable urban planning and design issues relating to his city of Austin and enjoys researching sustainable technologies, and providing research support for projects related to SCD Hub and the pilot green city research and advocacy with in developing a new voice known as Ecocity Austin.

Jennifer Marie Shriver

Voting Member, Board of Directors

Jennifer has been instrumental in providing key support for many Boulder initiatives that support climate and community health, from ‘Roofs to Roads’ asphault roof tile recycling program leadership, to supporting and naming Nederland Compost and Resource Recovery, etc. Jennifer’s editorial writing has been a consistent voice in the Boulder community supporting a better understanding of how each of us collectively have a big impact on the climate. Jennifer sees bicycle transportation as key to sustainable, resilient, environmentally-friendly communities. Contact her at

Raul Aguilar

Board of Directors, Human Shelter Design Optimization Researcher,

Raul continues to work toward new ecological shelter designs and supporting sustainable building skills training for vulnerable populations in southern Colorado and New Mexico

Devon Miller

Board of Directors, Voting Member, Community Building Strategist

Devon is a teacher of community skills through self defense training in Northern California, where he is a pastor, father, MMJ educator and jui jitsu instructor.

Judith Willson

Treasurer, Quality Assurance Voting Member, Board of Directors

Judy has worked as a high school math teacher, and accountant throughout her career. She has helped SCD Hub with her discerning eye on priorizing basic cash flow and the bottom line, amid social ventures and non-profit work.

Advisors to the Board

Katherine O’Flaherty

Kate leads Solutions Voyage, an educational organization dedicated to teaching practical sustainable community development skills. Kate is accomplished in art and web design, and was integral in helping to develop both UMC’s recycling program at CU Boulder, and Ned Compost’s compost processing community dynamic.