SCD Hub Organization Staff, Board of Directors, Partners, and Advisors

Tue, Oct 27, 2020

Board of Directors

Greg Willson

Director, Nederland, Colorado

Greg enjoys digging for good projects, metaphors ( as with society ), are layered in this way. Examples of clear context are never the ‘magical solution’. Research outcomes in community. Facilitate partnerships and support the growth of new hands willing to create learning opportunties. Peace Engineering, civic engagement, and IT go hand in hand when I look for a definition of ‘Sustainable Community Development’. I am happy to be part of modern society as we face these monumental complex and layered problems. I will continue to look for (online and in person) and test solutions that seem applicable. Context is always changing in modern society, but basic needs always remain. water, human to environment interaction, human to human interaction.

Marie Brothers

Researcher, Quality Assurance, Tennessee

Marie is active in rural sustainable planning and design issues. Her research and advocacy is currently supporting a new Tennessee SCD Water Clinic “Natural Swimming Pools”, an ongoing research and physical project which incorporates both artificial wetland design, water systems, and foodshed capacity building.

Curt Saxton

Researcher, Quality Assurance, Austin, Texas

Curt is involved with sustainable urban planning and design issues relating to his city of Austin and enjoys researching sustainable technologies, and providing research support for projects related to SCD Hub and the pilot green city research and advocacy with in developing a new voice known as Ecocity Austin.

Lisa Adeva Samoye

Researcher, Nederland Colorado

Lisa Adeva has helped SCD Hub to retain it’s compass as the org has established itself. Her business (EARTBODY) incorporates IDA ROLF’s philosophy of continuity in that we are the sum total of the experiences we have had, and that their resolution is what brings peace, understanding, reverence for cultural diversity, and opportunity in our lives.

Dennis Otieno

Researcher, Social Venture Partner, Njiru, Nairobi, Kenya

Dennis ( OT ) has dedicated his life to the upliftment of young people in the most challenging of situations. His business, RasTronics works to provide a template for quality service, design planning, good workspaces, training, and quality service to various sectors of the urban market- music, home electronics, and industrial.

Magnus Miller

Researcher, Social Venture Partner, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Magnus produces a podcast ‘Sacred Medicinal Insights’ with the support of SCD Hub. His work is dedicated to providing a sound basis for the use of physcadelic therapies in modern healing contexts. Check out
a( his podcast

Scott Beaupied

Researcher, Web Security Advisor, Atlanta Georgia

Scott has been instrumental in helping to develop secure systems for scdhub replated human rights and educational projects. He lives in Atlanta with his son and enjoys gardening, creative art and technology projects that intersect with youth education, sailing… Scott’s passion for inquiry has been a help to SCD Hub since the very beginning.

Samuel Ngoda

Board of Directors, Voting Member, Community Building Strategist

Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel is an entreprenuel, IT and community minded individual with great planning and organizing skills.

Lindsey ‘LivDeep’ Swords

Board of Directors, Voting Member, Ecosystem and Native rights

Occidental, California , USA

Lindsey is a passionate nature photographer, builder of community, and fighter for the rights of nature. Lindsey’s advice and encouragement has keps

Mwangi ‘Mwas’ Muu

Board of Directors, Voting Member, Community Building Strategist

Nairobi, Kenya

Mwas is a young creative working to support awareness and green job creation in his community. His recent focus of work has been with the growth of self help groups, music and video production.

Judith Willson

Treasurer, Quality Assurance
Voting Member, Board of Directors

Judy has worked as a high school math teacher, and accountant throughout her career. She has helped SCD Hub with her discerning eye on priorizing basic cash flow and the bottom line, amid social ventures and non-profit work.

Partners and Advisors

Project Partner

Mamawatoto Self Help Group / Mamawatoto Eco School

Claudia leads Mamawatoto Eco School, an educational organization dedicated to teaching practical sustainable community development skills. Claudia has accomplished many recycling and poverty alleviation goals in her home country in of Kenya, both in the urban Dandora region of Nairobi, and Machakos. Her current work in Njiru establishes better visibility for sustainability projects in that region of Nairobi. Grassroots empowerment and education of the most vulnerable in society is the focus.

Arden Buck brings forcus to the human and natural ecosystem work of SCD Hub. Arden has been active with many organizations over the years and it is an honor to have his advising and support as SCD Hub takes on new challenges and roles in sustainable community development.

Devon advises SCD Hub on planning andbig picture issues. He is a dedicated father and promoter of sustainable food systems, developer of new markets, Jui Jitsu instructor, friend to SCD Hub.