SCD Hub Organizational Mission

Mon, Apr 24, 2017

SCD Hub Mission

To serve as a hub for sustainable community development in order to provide trustworthy development & training tools to facilitate project planning, design & execution.

The Challenging Task at Hand: Global Climate Stabilization

In another shock to atmospheric scientists and the global community, the United States was the only nation to reject the Paris Accord Climate Convention in January of 2018. Insurance lobbies are facing off with extractive indistry lobbies armed with the foresight of economic outcome models. Climate related disaster costs are pressuring industries, governments and consumers to step up carbon emission reductions, in order to reduce the climate related pressures of coastal flooding, superstorms, and urban pollution.

To stabilize, our biospheric climate requires of us new patterns of living sustainably, particularily by recognizing the increased vulnerability and loss of qualit of life humanity and other species face if climate destabilization is not formally recognized and addressed with action in all developed nations. Our atmosphere is buffered by many terrestrial dynamical systems from arctic ice, limestone, dissolved salts, suspended solids, etc. SCD Hub stands firm on the scientifically validated statement that greater awareness of the human contribution to atmostperhic and oceanographic system variations protect human quality of life now and for future generations yet to come.

We are now looking forward to 2019. New models of online education have developed since we started , co-working spaces are the dominant form of business real estate in Manhattan. Curriculum design for future proof critical thinking are being identified in preliminary trials identifies and helps in the development of special skills and talents.

Renewable energy supports the fastest growing sector of job creation in the United States. Wind, solar, geothermal, biomass energy, energy conservation: programs which save money, improve lives, and foster futher innovation.

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